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Where’s your Colon?

When it comes to naming towns this one was definitely at the back of the line! But if you look it up on the internet you will see that it calls itself the ‘magic capital of the world’! A brave claim for a one horse town just north of Amish country, which is where my little adventure was bound.

I was picked up by a couple of magician friends and promised an Amish chicken dinner. On the journey I was told we were meeting another friend there… a dwarf called Danny. And as he told me, ‘a recent survey of dwarfs found that 6 out of 7 of them weren’t happy!’ You learn something new every day!

The four of us filled ourselves on a salad (for starters) chicken, meatloaf, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and green beans… As much as we could eat, and an enormous slice of pie for desert – all for $15.99 each – Delicious… these Amish sure know how to cook! Then I discovered that they were Anemones or Mennonites but no-one was sure of the difference.

Loads of horses and carts, men with suspect looking beards and women in wimples (is that the right word???) And while we were there we were invited to join them for a family lunch next time we visit – they truly are amazing people with an interesting lifestyle.

Then on to an overnight at a cottage on the side of a lake, a late night with mucho vino and card tricks, which was only spoiled by the fact that the main reason for our trip was a magic flea market and we had to get up at 7AM the next day to be there! It’s a place where we all get together and sell our old magic and buy other peoples old magic – magicians have been recycling stuff for years. Collectors items swap hands and some people manage to get a bargain or two (Ask Michael Mode about the collapsible sword he picked up for $5).

Great fun was had and I managed to buy Felicity a couple of new tricks to help her on her chosen career. Then we had the best bit… A chance to take some pictures in front of some funny signs… COLON!!!! LOL!!!!

PS If you were offended by the small jokes you should meet Danny – they were all his!