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Individually we get to an age where we know which aspects of ourselves, our lives need to be improved.  We also get to an age where we can’t be bothered to improve but lets not move forward on that negative thought track.

For me to improve one aspect of my work life, it would entail becoming a better communicator – yes if talking was a sport I’d have been in several Olympics by now and of course have a medal to prove it.  But to really speak well, grammatically, on any subject, at the drop of a hat, with confidence, with the ability to use vocal variety, persuasive with power, with visual aids (and no magic tricks), with correct and not imposing body language – those are some of the things I wanted to achieve.

For me Toast Masters provided that forum, and taught those life lessons on communications.  I haven’t completed the course, and the talks listed will have no relevance without the brief that I had to follow.  But take a look, but more importantly come listen, or even ask me about……