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The Social Worker, The Doc and The Nurse

Dear social worker and health care professional friends please  lift your hands high in the air, higher… and then reach over and give yourselves a huge pat on the back.  I mean this with great sincerity as today, I met 3 of your kind, who have had a profound effect on my life, as I sat through a meeting of over 3 hours (one of many they have already had with my Mother). With a social worker, a doctor and the head of the nursing staff at a dementia hospital (and don’t quote me on titles and nitty gritty, I am a lay person who boasts of not knowing the correct terminology particularly after an 8 hour flight and 5 hour drive).  These three sat, they listened they asked questions they dealt with numerous legal forms to learn the history, understand the immediate past from my mother and  determine the best care for our Father.  Due to their expertise, their training, there genuine sense of well being and what is right we came to an out come.

I know the NHS is struggling and I see the reports of the issues with Obama Care – and from my point of view as an outsider  I have no idea what is like to be ‘in the industry’ in either country.  And I really don’t want to comment on which system is right or better – I am now a part of both – but these three today never rushed us, they never slagged off the system, they dealt professionally and with love with my parents case. Tomorrow they will be dealing with the next family needing their expertise, who will be as clueless as myself.  They will never know how profoundly and positively they have effectived our lives with a disease that that that… I can not even think of the correct repulsive adjective to describe it.

So I just want to thank you for the effect on lives that you have everyday – go use those gifts and knowledge you have and I hope you know how valuable you are.