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A Ginger Delight

A year a go we were blessed to be able to adopt a little one who had really had a rough start to life; at aged 5 he had been in the adoption system for several years.  When he first came to stay we all had to make adjustments and learnt a lot about his many complaints – a plastic fetish, herpes, and obesity.  The ginger gene is quite prominent in both Keith and my family so we were adept to dealing with fiery temper and even the odd lashing out. When finding ginger hair everywhere it was not an issue to discuss – just something to live with and of course not to mention so that our house guest did not feel even more of the odd one out in the Harfield family.

I believe we were all in agreement that the adoption should go forward as time went on we have all come to love him, Felicity being our youngest found it increasingly hard to adjust to the new young addition especially with regard to his love of plastic bags.  But she is the one who tends to his optical issues, giving him eye drops daily.  Such a kind girl that she is.

Oliver as the big brother is the role model but I feel may value his time away at University too.

And so it is with great delight and pleasure that I ask you to raise your glass and toast the anniversary of the adoption of Martin the Fat Cat.